Many technology executives are low-tech parents

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

A recent article shows that many high-ranking technology executives are actually low-tech parents that limit their children’s exposure to screens and technology as a whole. When Steve Jobs was running Apple and creating the iPhones and iPads that so many of use cannot live without, he was limiting his children’s contact with such products. When asked if his kids loved the iPad, he simply stated, “They haven’t used it.” And he isn’t the only technology executive to do this.

There are a lot of other high ranking CEO’s and other executives that have seen the effects of technology overuse and simply don’t want their kids to get roped in.  After seeing the dangers of technology first hand, Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired and now chief executive of 3D Robotics, has set up strict time limits and parental controls on all devices.  Alex Constantinople, chief executive of OutCast Agency, said her 5 year old son is never allowed to use devices during the week and her older children are limited to only 30 minutes a day on school nights. Same goes with Evan Williams, who give their children actual books instead of iPads. (1) 

Isn’t it interesting that high ranking leaders of these companies that are creating the next best technology device have seen adverse effects from these and are limiting their loved one’s exposure to them?  They have seen firsthand how addiction to technology can warp a person’s brain and have in turn, decided to set boundaries, especially if their children are young. The key of course, is moderation. Sometimes, children will need computers to do homework or work on assignments. But giving them unlimited access to laptops, iPads, smartphones, or other electronic devices can be detrimental to their developing brains and it can be harmful when it comes to building strong social and communication skills. 

Encourage your children to create and use their imaginations – away from screens. Technology as a whole isn’t bad. It can be very beneficial and even necessary. But, moderation is key. Set limits on your children’s screen time and their use of devices. It’s important for their overall wellbeing and development. 

1. Bilton, Nick. “Steve Jobs Was a Low Tech Parent.” NY Times. September 10, 2014. Accessed September 12, 2014.