New product allows babies to post selfies on Facebook

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

People take pictures of themselves wherever they go – it has become a phenomenon in recent years.  After they get a picture that they like, they post it on Facebook or Instagram accounts and they expect people to “like” them or comment on them. When they don’t get that instant gratification of a response or a “like,” they may feel defeated or they will be missing that boost of self-esteem that they were looking for. These “selfies” are a huge part of the social media world. Of course, they are popular with teenagers and young adults, but did you know that a new toy actually lets babies take selfies and post them on Facebook? 

Laura Cornet, a Dutch designer, noticed that proud parents were posting pictures of their babies all over Facebook. She questioned why these parents were subjecting their babies to all of these photos without the baby’s consent. She noted that these babies were famous within just one day of their birth and after some thinking on the issue, decided to create “New Born Fame,” a toy that lets babies take selfies and put them online.  Her goal was to start a discussion on who has the right to post pictures of babies online. 

The toy is a mobile with soft toys that are shaped as a Twitter bird or a Facebook logo. It hangs in the crib and when the baby reaches to it, the toy takes a picture or a video and automatically posts it to social media.  She says that the product prompted a variety of responses. Some were angry and said that it was crazy to give babies access to social media. Others were scared and many others liked the concept and wanted to buy the product. She says that the toy is art rather than a commercial product and is now working to create a product that would send pictures and videos to the parent’s phones rather than to social media. (1) 

Giving babies access to social media in the form of a toy is a new concept, but it’s obviously something that will get people talking. What do you think – a good idea or something that families (and babies) should stay far away from?   

1. Kottasova, Ivana. “Cute or creepy? This toy lets babies post selfies on Facebook.” Fox12Oregon. November 4, 2014.