Kickstarter Campaign Raises Money for “No Phone”

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

Addiction to smartphones is very common today.  Many people rely on their mobile phones for just about anything – directions, e-mail, social media updates, banking, and even more. But if you’re tired of your phone running your life and have found it difficult to cut off using it completely cold turkey, then the new NoPhone product that is currently in the crowdfunding campaign stage on Kickstarter, might be just the product for you.  The project idea came from a group of friends in the Netherlands and the United States that were together. They were together, but not really, because all they were doing was sitting around, staring at their phones and occasionally looking up to talk or order another drink. NoPhone was created as a way to address society’s addiction to technology.  

So what is it? NoPhone is a black piece of plastic that is shaped in a rectangular fashion, similar to a phone. It doesn’t make calls, send emails, or send texts. And if you’re addicted to selfies, the NoPhone has a basic solution: a mirror stuck to one side of the phone.  In fact, it doesn’t do anything that regular smartphones do, but it does do something. It shows how dependent our society is on technology and how traditional communication is being devalued and destroyed. The phone acts as a simple surrogate for a real smart phone device. It allows people to have the feeling of plastic in their hand but it doesn’t pose any threat to social communication. So far, people have shown a lot of positive reaction to it. In fact, the campaign has raised more than $18,000!  The point: this raises awareness of how bad cell phone addiction really is. (1) 

There are a lot of benefits to the NoPhone.  It’s not going to cost you a lot of money out of your savings account like a new iPhone would, it doesn’t need to be upgraded every year, and you don’t have to worry about it falling and breaking or getting water damage! But, what do you think? Would you support a product like this that raises awareness of technology addiction? Do you believe this is something that could help people snap out of their addiction to using their phones? Or, do you find that you have a fear of not having a fully functional phone on you at all times? If this is the case, consider how it is affecting your life, as well as your personal relationships. Setting a time limit on your cell phone use might be a good way to start cutting down on overuse. 

Technology addiction is very real. If you or someone you know is struggling with it, reach out and talk to someone or seek professional help immediately. 

1. PenzeyMoog, Caitlin. “There’s a Kickstarter for NoPhone, a phone that literally does nothing.” A.V. Club. October 28, 2014. Accessed November 27, 2014.