Tech Gadgets For High Tech Parents

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

Are you a new parent that is well-connected in the technology area? If you’re an adult that relies on a smartphone and a variety of apps to get through the day, don’t fear – there are a variety of apps, as well as separate “techy” gadgets that are geared towards new parents with babies. These can be very helpful!

#1: Cry Translator:

Every parent knows that a baby’s cry can be hard to interpret at times. Are they hungry? Tired? Not sure what on earth your baby is trying to tell you? The Cry Translator app can help parents determine if their baby is tired, stressed, uncomfortable, hungry, and more. All parents have to do is hold the phone near the baby’s mouth for 3 seconds while they’re crying and the app will provide the suggestion on what the cry means. 


#2: State-of-the-art baby monitors:

Say goodbye to those baby monitors that look like old-fashioned walkie-talkies. Today’s baby monitors are so fancy that you won’t ever be away from your child. The new Samsung Safeview baby monitor system uses a rotating camera that has night vision and a portable screen with an antenna that folds down. The monitor can track all of the baby’s movements from a signal distance of 800 feet. There is also the Withings Smart Baby Monitor that allows parents to coordinate their phone to a crib camera so they can watch their baby while they’re offsite at work.  


#3: Smart Diapers:

Do you have a child that has been prone to bladder infections? Or perhaps you have a diabetic child that is not potty trained yet? For children that have kidney reflux or another medical condition that can lead to urinary issues, there is now a Smart Diaper product that has a chemically treated tab on the front that will change color based on the pH levels, bacteria, or electrolyte levels of the child’s urine. When it changes, the parent can scan the tab with a smartphone and the data will let them know if the child needs a doctor evaluation. 

For many adults that are facing the learning curve of what it means to be a parent, technology like this can be a very beneficial thing. Technology gadgets such as these can be very beneficial in keeping parents and their children connected, healthy, and safe.


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