Girl tries to poison mother for taking iPhone away

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

A Colorado girl was arrested and put into a juvenile detention center last month after trying to poison her mother with bleach. The police reported that the girl was angry that her mom took away her iPhone, so she sought revenge. The mom noticed the smell of bleach coming from her smoothie had thought maybe it was just part of the recently cleaned glass. But then she noticed the smell again coming from a water bottle and the mom confronted the daughter. She admitted that she was trying to kill her because she took her iPhone.  Police believe that the situation was likely hostile before this incident. (1) 

Today, many adolescents and young adults are attached to their phones. They’re continually texting, checking Facebook, or downloading new apps. Today’s generation is more in tune with technology that they ever have been and for some, it has become an addiction. When an addict is pulled away from the source of their high, it can be detrimental and for some, technology acts like a drug.

How do you moderate your teen’s technology use?
The key is learning how to say no to turning off the computer or smartphone and realizing when enough is enough. Have your kids had unlimited access to television, iPads, or iPhones since they were little kids? It may be harder to break the cycle of overuse, but it can be done. Begin using technology as a tool in moderation, rather than having it control you. Technology addiction is still something that is relatively new in today’s society, but it is something that more and more people are struggling with on a daily basis. Digital addiction is very real and it is becoming a very powerful drug that is accessible to virtually anyone today, especially young people. 

If you think that you or someone you know is addicted to online gaming, social media, or something else in the technology world, it is important to seek help. 



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