Man Sedates Girlfriend So He Can Continue Gaming

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

A man in Germany was recently fined over $500 in court for sedating his girlfriend with drugs so he could continue gaming with his friend. A German newspaper reported that he put a sedative in his girlfriend’s tea when she got home from work and complained about having him game for the rest of the evening. The man claims it was not a strong dosage, but the woman slept until noon the next day and was still acting groggy throughout the next day. The judge claims that it was a deliberate assault and the man was ordered to pay the fine.  (1) 

Gaming has completely captured the minds of people young and old alike, all across the world.  It’s important to note that playing video games with balance is not an issue.  But when it gets to the point that video games are taking over your life – socially, emotionally, and physically – there is a serious problem. When gaming becomes compulsive, it can be dangerous and destructive. Because of the extreme situations like this one where a man drugged a loved one in order to continue with his addiction for the night, implementing legal restrictions is becoming more and more common.  

Stopping gaming addiction means setting strict rules from a young age. Set rules on what games are allowed in the home and how long young people are allowed to play them. This can help curb addiction from a young age. However, if you’re an adult struggling with setting boundaries on gaming or technology use,  don’t ignore the warning signs of addiction. It can become extremely harmful if it isn’t kept under control. 

Technology and gaming addiction is very real and affecting the lives of many individuals and families all over the world. If you believe you or someone you love is experiencing addiction, it is imperative to seek help immediately. 

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