Actor Terry Crews Talks About His Pornography Addiction

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

A recent story from CNN interviews Terry Crews, a famous actor and former NFL player, that was a sex addict who was consumed with watching pornography. He says that it “really, really messed up my life” and that it threatened his relationship with his wife and that it caused him to wall off his emotions to the point of destruction. Crews went to rehab for his addiction and has made a series of viral social media videos talking about his struggle with pornography, which has been refreshing and encouraging for millions of people that have struggled with the same thing. He says, "It changes the way you think about people. People become objects. People become body parts; they become things to be used rather than people to be loved." He goes on to say that his struggle was private for a long time and that his wife said that she hardly knew him anymore. He believes that everything you need for intimacy is found with your partner, not in porn. (1) 

Many sex addicts have pathologic behaviors and psychosexual factors that mean that they will struggle to connect and establish meaningful relationships in real life and instead turn to pornography as a sexual outlet.  Pornography addiction, as with any other addiction, changes the brain over time and if it’s not stopped, it can eat away at your life – whether it’s socially, physically, or emotionally. Bringing awareness to this prevalent problem and confronting it with resources to help the cycle of destruction is what will help instigate recovery and is what will save relationships and families from falling apart. 

Are you struggling with pornography addiction, technology addiction, or are you hooked on playing video games for hours or days on end? Does your life revolve around the next time you will be able to watch porn or dive into your world of gaming? If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, seek help. Excess use of technology and pornography cause damage. For more information, go to



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