Return of 'Momo suicide challenge' sparks fear among parents

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

"Reports have emerged that children are seeing the viral challenge show up on Facebook or YouTube, and in some cases even in video games. The vile “Momo suicide game” has been garnering attention after it started spreading on WhatsApp, prompting police warnings. If players fail to complete the challenges in the game, they receive threatening messages from an avatar dubbed Momo, a bird-like woman with eyes protruding out of her head, who says the user will be cursed with an “evil spell.”"

Bottom line up front: what your kids do and see with digital media and video games AFFECT THEIR BEHAVIORS!

Families need to get our new workbook and discuss digital media with their children!

"Digital Vortex Survival Guide: Behaviors, Digital Media, & the Brain" - by Julie Lavier Doan, RN, Christie Walsh, and Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

The videos that go along with the workbook (narration by Andrew Doan):

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