Father kills son because of gaming addiction

Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

A father in France recently killed his game-addicted son in a small town in France, French news outlet Midi Libre recently reported.  The 23 year old son, who may have had a psychological condition, was addicted to online gaming.  During a family gathering, the father and son got into an argument that turned physical. The reported cause of the argument was the son’s excessive involvement with online video games. The father grabbed the son by the throat and it’s unclear as to what caused the young man’s death – strangulation or something else. The father called the police and when they arrived, it was too late. The son was pronounced dead. (1)

When a person plays online video games excessively, brain chemistry will change over time. For a person that was once bright, outgoing, and gifted in school or other hobbies, gaming addiction can change all that.  Just like drugs or alcohol addiction, gaming addiction can begin to alter the person’s personality and change their priorities, many times morphing them into a person that is unlike who they were before. Extreme gaming addiction can cause severe mental disease and instability, even without pre-existing conditions. 

For family or friends that see a loved one going down the path of addiction, whether it is gaming or something else, it can be very frustrating and angering at times. If you have experience with someone in your life that is showing signs of addiction, it is important to first understand that there are real chemical changes happening in the person’s brain and they need professional help. It’s important to find a counselor that can serve as a voice of truth, helping counsel them to break the endless cycle of addiction. Sadly, stories of family members that have murdered each other over gaming addiction are not new.  Addiction – whether it’s those that are addicted themselves or those that are living with loved ones that are addicted – affects everything and everybody. Seek help before violence or hostility occurs. 


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By Brooke Strickland and Andrew Doan MD, PhD