Written by Dr. Andrew Doan & Brooke Strickland on .

The video game addict must address the root causes leading to the behavioral addiction. Otherwise, relapse will occur. Over the years of training and working with my church in the marriage mentor program and recently as a Celebrate Recovery leader, the root causes of addictions are profound personal hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We all have varying degrees of emotional baggage, some we can let go but others we hold-on to. The ones we hold-on to will affect us until we identify and address them. For instance, if the individual was abused as a child and unable to develop self-confidence in real life, then the person may turn to video games where he has control and power. Unless the issue of abuse is addressed, the video game addict will relapse and continue to turn to the digital world for escape. I encourage everyone to try the options offered by the secular world if God is not yet part of your life and you’re not willing to consider God as an option. If the secular world alone does not succeed in helping with the video game addiction or addictive behavior, then please consider the following 12-steps with an open mind and heart to allow God to help. God will get rid of past hurts, habits, and hang-ups associated with the root causes of video game addiction and behavioral addictions.

We recommend you find a local Celebrate Recovery group for weekly face-to-face meetings:

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered recovery program for people with addictive behaviors. The twelve-step program helps people with hurts, hang-ups, and habits. This recovery program has been launched in over seventeen thousand churches and has had over seven hundred thousand graduates of the program.